The following are comments from our previous Festival vendors:

I thought the Made in Maui County event was one of Maui’s most significant events, ever! It showcased so many great start-up businesses, as well as long standing ones.
— Becky Speere, Dining Editor of Maui No Ka 'Oi Magazine
So fun. 75% of Christmas shopping pau!
— Elizabeth Tomoso
This event was a great way to expose our very own Maui made products. It gave us the opportunity to reach thousands of people who in the future can be return customers. Mahalo!
— Renee Ocampo, 808 Clothing
This was one of the best run events my company has been involved in. The biggest benefit was getting introduced to hundreds of new customers and a few select retailers.
— Dan O'Brien, 808 Shells
The exposure to the Maui community was fabulous. Sharing my Aloha Letterpress stationary and services with people in person was a wonderful experience as I have only dealt with customers online. Receiving their positive feedback and responses was very encouraging and uplifting!
— Linda Coleon, Aloha Letterpress
This event provided the ability to connect with new market/wholesale buyers and thousand of local
people who would never have seen our product.
— Wendy Acosta, Aloha Spiced Cacao
Exposure to a larger audience more than any other Maui event
— Thomas Nakagawa, Aloha Wizard's Wands & Canes LLC
The MIMCF was the greatest. They managed to have wholesale and retail in one show. Everything was
very well done. Great show! Mahalo!
— Kathy Loyd, Art by Loyd, Inc.
The MIMCF provided more exposure for my small Molokai business than we could have done
otherwise. It also provided me, as a business owner, the confidence to continue to grow my business.
— Jamie Ronzello, Barking Deer Farm
We were honored to have participated in the first annual MIMCF and feel that it was an exceptional
event! The opportunity for not only us, but all participating Maui-based companies, to showcase our products and gain this type of exposure was priceless.
— Shaun Bayles, Chic Naturals
Exposure, exposure, exposure! Over 9,000 people! More people saw my artwork at this event than every other exhibitions I have been in on Maui combined.
— Dennis Chamberlain, Dennis Chamberlain Studios
The exposure we received was more than I ever could have done on my own. Mahalo for choosing us to participate!
— Ruby Makuch, exfolicare
Great exposure for the brand and the entire island.
— Joseph Jessop, Fresh Local Product
We got to meet so many awesome locals that loved our bracelets and the cause. It inspired us to continue to find ways to grow our business of giving back to the community
— Lesa Wallace, Giving Bracelets
The MIMCF provided me with an opportunity to participate in a first-class show and marketing event that is not available on this scale for a small business. I think the biggest benefit for me besides the contacts, was knowing that my company can stand beside established, successful businesses and that I can pursue my dream for my Hali`i.
— Harriet Alms, Hali`i by Harriet
I would like to thank the County of Maui for creating this event for us and the people of Maui. I had an
amazing time participating and hope to do so again next year.
— Eileen Comeaux, Hana Herbs and Flowers
This has to be the best event on Maui. The attendance on Saturday was outstanding and the level of public interest was amazing.
— Max Fushman, Hawaii Fudge Company
One of the biggest benefits of this event was providing a large venue for my products to be seen by the public. I am a new small business and this was the largest exposure of my handmade items since I started my company in the spring. I was able to direct those interested in my products to the online sites where they can also be purchased and was able to provide business cards for follow-up sales and for those who are interested in following my business on Facebook.
— Valerie Bigelow, Island Girl Collection
The MIMCF took my little ‘mom and pop’ business to the public – 9,000 more people now know we
exist. Mahalo to Teena and her hard-working staff.
— Patricia Gomez, Island Inspired Creativity
We received tremendous positive feedback for our new line of bedding and table decor. This was an extremely cost-effective way to obtain market research and we still sold products in the rain despite the fact that much of the table decor was soaking wet. People wanted it anyway and did not want to wait.
— Pamela Tumpap, Island Style Bedding
An uplifting, encouraging experience. Great to have so much positive feedback on my work.
— Jennifer Throne, Jennifer's Gourds
The MIMCF was on of the most positive, delightful festivals I have ever been apart of. Such an attitude of helpfulness between the vendors, so well organized, and so many people! A lot of bang for the buck as far as advertising dollars.
— Joy White, joy's place LIVE!
The impact was even greater than the enthusiastic individuals who visited our booth. Another
incremental breakthrough in becoming known on Maui.
— Arnie Kotler, Koa Books
Local product means local business and local jobs. MIMCF brings awareness and activity both locally and off-island. We need this badly as local tourist trade is down significantly in our sector – offshore is the future!
— Roy & Jenny Wemyss, Kula Herbs
Great show, and the rain was a blessing for sales, as everyone ‘took cover’ under our tents and gave us all a captive audience to create a buying frenzy! Sure worked for me!
— Joan Mercer, Kula Jungle
I’m a craft fair vendor and I normally see the same faces at every fair. The MIMCF brought in thousands of new faces and their comments were so positive and encouraging. Thank you Maui County staff and volunteers for all your hard work.
— Maxine Dias, Lako Kula Design
The biggest benefit to our business was to get exposure and get our name out there. We loved it and can’t wait till next year God willing! Thank you so much!”
— Lyndon Dela Cruz, Lanakila Designs
The Made in Maui Fair gave me awesome exposure to my island community and a chance to connect one-on-one with people purchasing my product. I was also really inspired to pinpoint my branding which was a wonderful opportunity to take my business to the next level.
— Robin Newton, Liquid Sunshine Jewelry
All the positive feedback I received about my products gave me confidence to move ahead in my new venture.
— Andrea Schmitt, Lustrous Maui
We are a very small business and right now we do not have a storefront. Most of our sales are generated though our online store and communication is done through social media... The MIMCF allowed us to showcase our products and reconnect to the community we grew up in. After attending college on the mainland, it was great to be able to share our products and designs with the community we love so much. Communicating face-to-face, talking about our designs, and sharing what we do with the rest of Maui was a huge benefit to us. We were able to reach out to the people who are not online and we made promising business contacts. The MIMCF was a great opportunity to share our work and make new friends.
— Jessica Matsumoto, Matsumoto Studio
This was a great event that showcased many of the creative, diverse and wonderful products our Maui County artists, entrepreneurs and farmers have available. We at the Maui Coffee Association look forward to the second annual Made In Maui County event!
— Sydney Smith, Maui Coffee Association
This one event did more than all our annual advertising could do to ‘introduce’ our company to the public.
— Mike Okazaki, Maui Coffee Roasters
Very good exposure. I made some awesome contacts with potential galleries and gave away over 200 business cards to customers. This event also showed me some of the things I can improve on. Mostly, the MIMCF served as a launching pad for my business. It allowed me to reach the local market in a wonderful venue.
— ThereseTice, Maui Dirty Girl Art
The biggest benefit was establishing new wholesale accounts. The retail visibility was also great, not
only for sales, but for pr and marketability.
— Heidi Cramer, Maui Dog Treats
“This event was a great opportunity for us to get in front of our existing customer base, provide
information, strengthen existing and create many new relationships. The timing was perfect just before the holiday season!
— Darren Strand, Maui Gold Pineapple Co.
The exposure to wholesale buyers and small business owners was invaluable! We were very appreciative of the comments we received about our booth, product label, and taste of our Gourmet Popcorn.
— Joel Liu, Maui Gourmet Popcorn
We had wonderful feedback and our products were well received. We sold out of a number of
— Libby Behn, Maui Island Love
We made numerous contacts with buyers and store owners. This could not have been accomplished on our own without the generous help of the MIMCF. The staff for this event was absolutely phenomenal and that is what makes Maui no ka oi.
— Jae Springer, Maui J & M Photography
The MIMCF is the perfect proactive, grassroots initiative supporting, growing and elevating Maui small business while perpetuating the spirit of aloha. As a vendor, we had the opportunity to gain exposure that would have been hard to achieve individually – we more than doubled our wholesale orders.
— Kauionalani Waller, Maui Nui Wear
Incredible event, high turnout, valuable contacts and great organization! Thank you, thank you, thank
you! Please have it every year!
— Alena Danskikh, Maui Rainbow Tea
It was great to sell products on Maui. Most of our art sells off-island. Thanks to MIMCF we were able to make connections within the Maui community with new customers and vendors alike. I think people will begin to look for us each year.
— Rob Hawes, Maui Tiki Mugs
The biggest benefit was the one-time exposure to the amount of wholesalers and customers in such a
small time period.
— Wailani Tanaka, Mea Moloka`i
The inaugural MIMCF was the most amazing event for our business because it put us in contact with numerous buyers and distributors that will help spread our ‘Backyard Juice’ across the state and beyond!
— Michelle Jones, Two Chicks In A Hammock, LLC
I believe that the combination of wholesale buyers and retail buyers was the best benefit to our small business. Your advertising and PR was outstanding and we had the opportunity to make the newspapers which really helped put our small business on the map of Maui businesses. The team that put the event on could not have been better. You crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s and thought of just about everything that vendors could need or want, right down to the Boy Scouts helping us get our items to our vehicles, which helped move us out quickly. Big mahalos to everyone!
— Caroline Arena, Ono Nuts
Congratulations to the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and the Maui Chamber of Commerce for putting on one of the most successful and organized shows that I, as a small business owner, have ever participated in. Mahalo for your support of small businesses with products made in Maui.
— Barbara Chung, Palapala Designs
This event brought together the best of both worlds. Our awesome support from locals and the
generosity from tourists visiting our talented island. It was a great way to communicate and share my Maui Made art to many awesome people from all over.
— Jaclynn Sabado, Paradise Now
Our business is so new and so small. The MIMCF gave us a platform to get our name out in our own
— Joshua Arquero, Pilialoha Keiki
This event provided my company with access to buyers that I got to meet and was not able to do so
before. Thank you so much. The advertising opened up clientele and our exposure by at least 50%.
— Clarence Hookano, Poi by the Pound
I am just so pleased to have been able to participate in this county-wide event. The venue was fabulous, the hardworking event coordinators did a brilliant job and I want to just say MAHALO to all the folks who had a hand in making it a tremendous first-ever fabulous success. The biggest benefit for my business was exposure to such a wide and diverse audience, wholesale and retail, I just am so thrilled at the feedback on my products.
— Patty McCartney, Pualani O Moloka`i Mana`e Grown Farm
Setting aside a day specifically for buyers, and only buyers, was a nice benefit. We had time to talk with business owners and possible buyers to see if our product would be a good fit without interruption. The marketing team was amazing in getting the word out!!
— Kether Quinlan, Queen Bee Productions
The event gave excellent exposure for my retail store which should promote future sales of my jewelry and generate more sales tax to the county of Maui. So this is truly a benefit to everyone including the customers who can shop for everything at one location. People loved it!
— Ron Lenius, Ron L. Designs
The biggest benefit were the sales and marketing. Really enjoyed the event – my busiest event yet. I
loved the turnout especially in the rain!
— Fina Kaauwai, Rosebuds
There is no doubt, the amount of exposure to the public was the biggest benefit. To be able to put your product into the hands of so many people, and then to talk about it and give its history is not possible in any other retail experience on Maui...until now. And what a beautiful venue....that was special to me.
— Kathleen O'Bryan, Saints of Hawaii
The Made in Maui County Festival was a dream come true.”
— Sarai Stricklin, Sarai Stricklin
A great opportunity to get our name and our product out to everyone on Maui!
— Debi Mead, Scott Mead Photography, Inc.
It was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season! Our biggest benefit came in the form of mass exposure to locals and visitors alike. No where else could one find a concentration of buyers and sellers on the island all at the same place. The sheer number of attendees was staggering for a first-time event.
— Christine Vestfals, Shaka Pops
This event provided a wide range of exposure from wholesale to retail. It gave people a chance to know
my product so when they see it in the stores they will be more willing to purchase.
— Andrea Palmer, Snoops K9 Gourmet
Maui people are supportive of local business, and at an event like MIMCF, with a turn-out of thousands, it shows!
— Jessie Ford, Teas & Coffee of Hawaii
Proud to be part of the unique expression that is Maui.
— Jill Painter, j.Painter